Changelly Integrated into The Centra Wallet

Changelly’s API is integrated into the Centra Wallet. Among the new features on the Centra Wallet will be Changelly’s cryptocurrency exchange, intuitive interface, and secure transactions that go along with it.

The Centra Wallet App 3.0 is coming close to launch and has undergone several exciting and innovative changes. Centra aims at setting the bar in the digital wallet industry with the implementation of many new features into the Wallet’s interface. Changelly’s cryptocurrency exchange will be one of the most exciting.

The implementation of Changelly into the Centra Wallet will bring the user experience to the forefront of convenience and productivity in a digital wallet. Changelly’s exchange is an intuitive interface that transacts securely and allows the exchange of many cryptocurrencies throughout a decentralized network.

The Centra Wallet is a desktop and mobile wallet where a user can manage their cryptocurrency holdings in one of the most dynamic interfaces available. Centra Wallet users are excited about the upcoming Centra Wallet 3.0 release including the ability to manage and transact in over 25 cryptocurrencies. Having Changelly’s API integrated into the Centra Exchange will make Centra’s Wallet even more powerful and add the kind of tools Centra Wallet holder’s have been asking for.

How Centra Works With Changelly

Changelly’s API has been integrated right into the Centra blockchain interface. Users will now be able to use a cryptocurrency exchange within the Centra Wallet that will incorporate Changelly’s fast transactions and low exchange rates to convert and manage cryptocurrencies and transactions in real time.

Centra’s worldwide users will now be able to use the currency stored in their digital wallet to purchase any cryptocurrencies on the Centra platform.

Being integrated directly into the Centra Wallet the exchange will have abilities to convert any of the supported assets on Changelly within the Centra Wallet without the need of an outside interface or external source.

The Centra Exchange on 3.0 will have an easy to use design and will only require a few simple steps to complete a transaction:

● Select one of the various cryptos or currency you will be using for the transaction

● Specify the amount

● Select the currency or cryptocurrency you will be receiving in exchange

● Specify the wallet you will be sending your cryptocurrency to

● Press Exchange

David Brill, Chief Executive Officer, Centra:

“With the addition of the Changelly API, additional functionality and enhancements, Centra continues to be at the forefront of the digital wallet industry”.

In addition to the Changelly API, there are several other exciting features being added in Centra Wallet App 3.0. Centra users have amazing new features to look forward to and will be able to manage any cryptocurrencies on Centra’s blockchain within a centralized and decentralized platform.

Tom Warbuton, Chief Operations Officer Centra:

“I’m very excited about the state of the art design incorporated into Centra Wallet 3.0 and believe that our customers will be pleased with the exchange capability Changelly incorporates into it.”

The current version of the Centra Wallet has capabilities to manage a large number of cryptocurrencies and an innovative design giving users the ability to navigate their assets easily. Changelly is also integrated with another exchange as well which provides more payment options for customers and users alike. By integrating the Changelly API, Centra will target a larger audience with this enhancement to their user experience.

Konstantin Gladych, Chief Executive Officer, Changelly:

“We’re thrilled to provide a range of payment options to Centra. We believe this will leverage the full potential of both products and deliver an exceptional user experience.”

About the Centra Wallet

Centra has enabled easy access and control for our clients to use digital assets via web or mobile devices. The Centra Wallet allows users to store, spend, and use over 25 digital assets. They can link the asset of choice to their Centra Card to make a purchase with real-time asset conversion at over 30 million locations worldwide. Centra uses its patent-pending CCE(Currency Conversion Engine) Module to rapidly convert digital assets to fiat.

About Changelly

Changelly is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges that offers users the ability to instantly exchange over 100 different types of digital assets at the best market rate or buy them using their bank card. Since 2015, Changelly has attracted over 1.8M registered users from around the world. Changelly offers an intuitive interface, with the best exchange rates and secure transactions. Changelly’s aspirations to deliver competitive exchange rates, interface security and no hidden fees have made them an interface users can trust and look forward to achieve success in while using.