What Would the World Look Like Without Money?

Part of everybody’s life. Some call it the dark side of civilization. Money!

It’s difficult to live without money. In fact, it’s impossible. It’s the most important tool we use. You need money to pay the bills and feed yourself. Yes, I said pay the bills first because if we don’t, we get in trouble. Just because of money! Evil, isn’t it?

We are “optimizing” ourselves to get to money. We go to college to earn a degree in order for us to get a job later on that would pay us our debts!

But, what money really is?

Simple question but I know people who struggle to put a real definition to it.

Well, we are surrounded by money. Everything around us is money. Money is a currency that puts a price to things. It’s a means of exchange and people tend to exchange a lot, daily!

Every product, service or material seems to have a price. If we need it and are willing to pay then we’ll get it. We just made a transaction! The economy benefited from that. When money circulates it stimulates the production and trade and it also makes it possible to allocate the resources in an efficient way.

Transactions have existed before money existed but in a very different way.

Money is a preservation of wealth too and we are so obsessed with it. So much that we exchange our time, health sometimes and other valuable things for money! Some think that if money didn’t exist at all we would have been more grateful about life. But on the other side money made our lives easier and the problem with not being grateful and content seems to be inside us!

Now that you know what money is, I’ll explain what would the world look like without money.

Since people have needs they have to do something to satisfy them. I will start from the beginning of the civilization to better describe the role of money and that will explain how the world would look like without money.

It generated from the barter system. Now let me explain what barter system is. The barter system is an old method of exchange. People used to exchange goods or services in return for again, goods or services.

It’s like this. — Let’s say you go to a market and you find something you need. Now, in order for the trade or exchange to take place the seller should be willing to sell it and should also be looking for the product you are willing to trade or exchange because there is not such a thing like money. It should be a match and that’s difficult but you might just get lucky!

I’ll show you an example to how it really looks like. Again, assuming that money doesn’t exist, in order for us to get an airplane ticket we would have to work for a week at the agency doing a service. Just to get that airplane ticket! It’s an exchange where you provide your service to get the airplane ticket!

To buy goods or services maybe we would have to work at the market (packaging products, do cleaning etc.).

From this we can see that we cannot efficiently allocate the limited resources. People struggled this way and money came as a solution to this. Since it’s a solution it means that it’s an invention that resulted to an easier life. In its early stages, money was represented as different items like skin, shells, copper, bronze and then gold.

The world would be a mess if money didn’t exist! Just like it was before. But this invention made people more greedy and sometimes evil and are ready to do everything about money.

I don’t know if we are heading to a new era where money will be no longer necessary to enable the movements of goods and services. But maybe we will, who knows. People evaluated from the barter system to fiscal economy so why not?

Did money improve our lives?

If we see it as a solution then yes it greatly improved our lives. But if we deem the possession of money more valuable than emotions and spiritual values then no it didn’t, it just made us discontent!


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