4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

Early Sunday morning, reading one of the three random offerings below the Google search window — this piece was fascinating. At almost 65, (and geek for all my life) and interested in “discovery”, this was worth the read. Besides from a great clarification of 4chan, Anonymous and the ever-confusing Pepe meme, I feel the description of the Trump-support phenomenon holds interesting credibility. I too, have been trying to put the extremely odd-shaped puzzle parts together to make sense of what often is simply bizarre man-baby antics. How can people I know, seemingly “smart”, support self-destructive Trumpolitics. I guess, like the guy(girl) dating the soo-cute, but bad-for-me, girl(guy), it’s the fact of having any relationship is better than having no relationship at all. Perhaps, enough people were drunk enough to go home with the guy they would never talk to while sober, but now, the morning after, they have come to the realization they are not alone in the apartment, many people were brought to this place and there is great solace being all together in each others company. Once sad, now emboldened by community and kinship. This is not a video game, however. There is no reset button and the man-baby is appointing either seemingly random, or even worse, antithetic people to cabinet posts that will eviscerate needed programs and polices that will take years, if ever, to fix. Dale, thank you for a worthwhile piece.