Wants vs NEEDS!!! Which one?

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Wants vs Needs: which one has a big impact ?

On an average I speak to 30 to 50 people a day. Sometime they can be customers whom I have never met before and most of the time they are part of teams I work within and outside my organisation. One of the most common word I hear the most is “WANT”….and the statements go on the lines of….

I want to be successful….

I want to build my team….

I want to travel….

I want career advancement…

I want to do more sales…..

My question is why are the above only wants? Why not needs?

List of things I want in life:

1. Big house

2. Fast car

3. Travel to space

4. Gold Diamonds

5. Expensive watches

Etc….and the list goes on…

Let’s take a moment to look into the list of things I need in life:

1. Oxygen

2. Food

3. Water

4. Shelter

5. Wifi ( 👶 )

6. Health etc…..

The difference between Wants and Needs is that if you don’t get what you want you have choice not to have them and still life moves on. But with Needs you need to have them. You have no choice. Like wants, if you don’t have a big house I have choice to live in a small house but no oxygen, I have no choice but I will fight for oxygen.

I am fortunate to meet a lot of successful people both within the industry I work and also outside. And one thing common with all the successful people is they need to be successful when they started their career. They did not give themselves a choice.

If you work everyday as if you need to be successful then you will be successful. I have learnt in life that giving no choice is the best choice you have. As much as you need oxygen,food and water you need the big mansion, travel overseas, expensive watch and in general success. You don’t have a choice. You need to work as if there is no choice and it is absolute need for you to be successful. A small change in your attitude from I want to …..to I need to,you will make things work for you.

For individuals who want to be successful generally they are waiting for things to work for them. People who need to be successful make things work for them. They don’t wait for anything to work. They make it work because they have no choice and need to make it work.

Now the big question is how to change our Attitude from I want to ….to I need to? It is not complicated. If you know why you need to be successful, then you will find a way to make it happen.

Why is your reasons to work. Why is your motivation to move forward when things are against you. Why is pulling force when the world around you is falling int pieces. Why is you purpose to take one more step when everyone you love says otherwise.

Find out Why you want to do what you want to do. I bet you will change your wants to. needs. And that my friends is a great idea worth sharing. You keep reading and I keep writing.

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