My $4.5 Billion Gift To Twitter
Darren Rovell

I like the revenue enhancement plan that you outline, but feel that revenue is merely the most obvious and perhaps not the most significant Twitter issue.

Twitter makes it difficult to follow individual conversations. Twitter is useful for immediacy, but not for follow-thru. It’s still aping it’s original “We’re texting, but from PC’s” even though the world has moved on from PC’s to the smartphone platform that had texting to begin with.

Other chat forums have topics, and each topic has user-originated threads of posts by various people. That’s a superior organizational tactic to the texting model of “just dump all tweets into the same place together” that Twitter is stuck on.

Twitter is very San Francisco…or more specifically, Silicon Valley in its mindset of wanting to jump on what is “hot” and no longer caring about whatever happened yesterday. The vast majority of this planet, however, thinks quite differently than Silicon Valley, with much longer attention spans.

Twitter doesn’t get that fact.

Organizing conversations around topics and threads would improve Twitter for the entire world, save for those in Silicon Valley who wouldn’t understand why such a change would matter to users.

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