The Tech Story Is Over
John Battelle

Uber & Lyft *are* capitalism. A driver who delivers a customer to Point B gets paid. Drivers who don’t pickup & deliver don’t get paid. There is no hourly pay. There’s no weekly pay. There’s no monthly paycheck. To get paid they have to pick up & deliver riders.

Which is to say that Uber is winning because Uber went *back* to a form of capitalism that had been all but lost: pay for performance. This is a sustainable pay model and it is a winning strategy.

Everywhere you turn there is a new Startup company who wants to be the “Uber of xzy” because this business model, capitalism, makes so much sense. It is so powerful.

The Uber driver who takes 4 weeks off to tour Europe doesn’t get paid for those 4 weeks…and also doesn’t get fired or even need to ask for permission. This is Win, Win..and it is how Millennials are Wired (cough, cough) to think.

What Millennial wants to beg a boss for permission to go on a vacation?! What boss wants to pay someone who isn’t working?!

Uber’s business model satisfies both Millennial and boss.

Capitalism isn’t changing…it is winning.

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