What is KBC?

Knowledge base construction (KBC) is the process of populating a knowledge base by extracting information from unstructured sources such as pdfs, text, images, etc. It is often difficult to directly deal with unstructured data such as documents. KBC systems help us to store information in a format that is easy to use. Once stored in structured format, it becomes easy for applications to use the data that once was previously impossible to use.

For example, suppose you want to build a chatbot that answers all questions related to the Harry Potter series. Or maybe you want to make a quiz…

Any software works great when it has to deal with structured data such as the data that is stored in relational databases. The method to store structured data is less noisy and it is easier to retrieve information by using efficient queries. This is one of the reasons we can expect a 100% accuracy when using such systems. Organizations have taken advantage of this by trying to store most of the data they have in relational databases. Most of the economy in the world has been driven by software based on relational databases.

But you will be surprised to know…

The Technology That is Better Than OCR — Part II

One of the widely known challenges when it comes to data processing is its availability in the useful format. As discussed in the previous blog post, it is already established that traditional OCR falls short in terms of processing unstructured data effectively. This time around, we’ll try to form a deeper understanding of the true nature of the problem with OCR technologies.

Level 1: Documents with complex representation of Data

The traditional OCR technology has been around for quite a long time and it is mainly leveraged to convert image…

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the last couple of years has been a huge revelation about what Artificial Intelligence can and cannot do at the moment. Now, while most of us are growing our interests in the real possibilities of this technology, we are also surfacing challenges in the process. So, we would say that 2019, is going to be a year of major retrospection for the following people:

a) Those who have already implemented AI Solutions in their organizations

b) Those who are considering to adopt it this year

c) Those who have grown in awareness to…

It is often debated that what makes humans the ultimate intelligent species is the innate quality of applying common sense reasoning. Humans use common sense knowledge about the world around them to take appropriate decisions, and this turns out to be the necessary ingredient for their survival.

AI researches have long thought about building common sense knowledge in AI. They argue that if AI possess necessary common sense knowledge then it will be a truly intelligent machine.

We will discuss two major common sense projects that exploit this idea:

  • Cyc tries to build a comprehensive ontology and knowledge base of…

IBM recently released findings from a survey it did in partnership with NRF, that shows the growing importance of Intelligent Automation. The survey found that “intelligent automation capabilities could help increase annual revenue growth by up to 10 percent. Another Survey conducted by Avanade, studying responses from over 800 C-suite executives across 8 countries; it was discovered that 85% respondents believe that deploying intelligent automation is crucial to staying as a business leader in the respective industries.

Beyond these surveys and studies, it has been an observation that the traditional ways of managing processes and operations is going through a…

What is Image Segmentation?

Image Segmentation is the process of partitioning an image into separate and distinct regions containing pixels with similar properties. The segmented regions should depict/represent some object of interest so that it is useful for analytical purposes. These are the three most common ways of segmentation:

1. Thresholding

This is the most simple and common method of segmentation. The image is first converted into grey-scale form and using a threshold t, it is converted into a binary image.

If the pixel value p at position (i , j) has a grayscale value of f(i j) , p is allocated to class…

  1. What is AP Automation?

Most organizations have an ecosystem that consists of a network of people with whom business associations take place. Among these are vendors/suppliers who are third party networks who provide solutions to the organization. Vendor payment management happens to be a repetitive and majorly a manual process. The payment cycle consists of several steps that further requires approval of the concerned authorities. All these steps need to be ideally accomplished before a given due date which is continuously becoming a challenge with the existing methods. However, by automating the function of Accounts Payable, the number of manual…

What is the true potential of AI? Will it make humans redundant? These are some of the questions that are popping out in the media, blogs and journals everywhere. These are really important questions, and I want to discuss them, but I would like to take a slightly different route. In this article, I will argue that the major reasons and then why I think there is a possibility of AI faltering in its course.

But first, there is that difficult job of defining AI systems.

Many authors who predict an AI victory over humans opt to skip defining what…

So, you’ve been mesmerized by the news about the potentials of Artificial Intelligence or you’ve somewhere already known about how it will transform your business to deliver higher productivity. We cannot deny the fact that everyone has an opinion when it comes to AI, it has quickly become the crowned poster child of Buzzwords in the last 5 years. Interestingly, it has come to my notice that there has been a surprising amount of companies that have come up in the recent 2 years that claim to provide AI solutions. …

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