7 Stories Mike Cernovich Had Before the Mainstream Media— How can they call him “Fake News”?

The fake news media attacks Mike Cernovich, calling him “fake news” and a “conspiracy theorist.” Yet they steal his stories. Here are several stories Cernovich had before anyone else. Fact-check it. Look at the dates. Love or hate me, there’s no question that I had these stories before any other outlet.

1. Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration Officials.

I originally posted the Susan Rice story on April 2, 2017. Eli Lake of Bloomberg confirmed details of my reporting the next day.

2. The U.S. would initiate air strikes against Syria in response to the gas attack.

I reported that there would be air strikes against Syria before any other outlet.

While still far from a household name, Cernovich was first to ID Susan Rice as the key official in the “unmasking” controversy — and accurately predicted President Trump’s strikes in Syria last week, shortly before they were launched.

3. Trump’s first overseas trip would be to Saudi Arabia.

On April 25th I confirmed Trump’s first overseas trip would be to Saudi Arabia. The mainstream media confirmed this one week later.

4. H.R. McMaster has a plan to bring ground troops into Syria.

I reported that McMaster wanted to send ground troops to Syria on April 8th.

Bloomberg’s Eli Lake confirmed my reports on April 13th.

5. H.R. McMaster wants to send a massive aid package to Afghanistan.

I reported on McMaster’s plan for Afghanistan on April 26th. Bloomberg confirmed details of my reporting on May 1st. They did not give me credit, a pattern for that outlet.

6. Google is changing its algorithm to push down results for InfoWars

I reported on April 16th that a Google contractor was told to manually alter search results for InfoWars. Maxwell Tani of Business Insider confirmed details of my reporting the next day.

7. There will be a massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

On April 23rd I reported:

Saudi Arabia will obtain a massive weapons arsenal and missile defense system in a deal pushed by H.R. McMaster, Gary Cohn, and Dina Habib Powell

Two weeks later Reuters hilariously reported this same story as their exclusive!

There’s no question I get real news out before the mainstream media.

The fake news media may hate me, and that’s OK. I don’t write to impress them. My job is to bring you, the people who care about truth, the biggest stories.

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Mike Cernovich is a lawyer, journalist, and filmmaker. His best-selling book Gorilla Mindset is a must-read.