Abuse of Power — California Prosecutor Jeff Rosen Dismisses Felony Cases to Spare Criminals Deportation

If you’re a violent criminal in Northern California, Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen has your back. Rosen has implemented a new office policy requiring prosecutors to “plead down” violent felony cases that may lead to a criminal being deported.

Under federal immigration law, an immigrant who has been convicted of a felony may face deportation proceedings. Activist prosecutors often offer criminals a reduced plea in order to keep the criminal in the country.

Michael Daly, a blogger at the Daily Beast, discovered the policy when reporting on a sweetheart deal a two-time woman beater received.

The prosecutor in the case, Assistant District Attorney Steve Fein, described the plea deal to The Daily Beast as a fair outcome, noting that accessory after the fact is also a felony, though not a violent one that would place Gattani at risk of being deported back to his native India. Fein indicated that his boss, Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen, seeks to avoid such deportations.

Cernovich Media emailed the District Attorney’s office as well as Mr. Rosen himself to ask about this policy. None had replied at press time, although my story will be updated if a comment is received.

Jeff Rosen’s policy puts the interests of violent criminals above the interests of law-abiding citizens.

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, lawyer, and author.