Violence! ANTIFA and Alt-Right Clash During Anti-War Rally, Multiple Arrests Reported

Richard Spencer was rushed away by supporters when an anti-war protest turned violent. Members of ANTIFA, a left-wing terrorist organization, began assaulting Spencer as he was entering a taxi. Some witnesses report that Spencer was pulled from the taxi by ANTIFA as he tried to leave an earlier anti-war protest event held near the White House.

Jack Murphy (follow Jack Murphy) caught the violence live on Periscope.

Multiple arrests have been made.

Richard Spencer was evacuated from the scene.

ANTIFA began chasing Spencer down.

Jack Murphy discussed the aftermath of the violence with Cassandra Fairbanks and Lucian Wintrich.

Earlier coverage is available below…

Tonight the alt-right organized a protest in front of the White House. Chanting, “Walls, not War,” event organizers Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch expressed their frustration with President Trump’s decision to bomb Syria.

ANTIFA counter protested the alt-right event. Whether ANTIFA, which rioted during the Inauguration, are pro-war or merely anti-alt-right remained unclear, as the masked rioters refused to speak with journalists on the scene.

Journalist Jack Murphy was on the scene providing live coverage. The event is ongoing.

You can watch his live stream here.

Police broke up a scuffle and the protest is moving down to 17th Street.

ANTIFA is following the alt-right protest.

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