New York Times Contributor Ben Berkon says “F-ck you” to Ivanka Trump’s Underage Children

“F-ck you and your entire family,” Ben Berkon of the NY Times wrote to Ivanka Trump. Ivanka, as you’ll know, has three underage children.

Berkon also wished “nothing but the worst” on Donald Trump Jr’s underage children, tweeting, “you, your dad, and your entire family are scum of the earth. I wish you all nothing but the f-cking worst!”

Ben Berkon has written several articles for the NY Times.

Ben Berkon also works for Forbes.

Forbes and the NY Times endorse this behavior by its reporters, because they have refused to comment about the matter or disavow these comments.

This is what Forbes and the NY Times supports.

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The New York Times Communications Department has responded to our story.

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