Creepy Andrew Kaczynski has History of Harassing Women, Spreading Fake News

“We are going to hunt you down and rape you,” is but one message Justine Sacco received after one of her ironic Tweets were taken out of context. Fearing for her life, Sacco went into hiding. Who was it who led a rape mob against Sacco — none other than CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski.

Kaczynski, using his massive platform at Buzzfeed, widely shared and RT’ed Sacco’s ironic Tweet.

Kaczynski took a victory lap when Sacco’s life was ruined.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski has a history of spreading fake news.

Kaczynski was caught in a major fake news scandal in 2013 — one for which he never atoned for. After the Boston Marathon bombing, Kaczynski falsely accused a man of being a bombing suspect.

The next multiplier came from Andrew Kaczynski, a journalist at BuzzFeed, who sent out the police-scanner misinformation to his 81,000 followers and quickly followed up with: “Wow Reddit was right about the missing Brown student per the police scanner. Suspect identified as [redacted].”.

Why did CNN hire a proven purveyor of fake news.

Kaczynski did not merely spread minor fake news. He ruined a young man’s life by falsely accusing him of a horrific act of terrorism.

Kaczynski’s victim had committed suicide, devastating the family.

While the documentary focuses in large part on the collision between the Tripathis and cyber vigilantes and journalists who believed Sunil played a role in the bombing, Broffman says at the end of the day, the story that got lost in the chaos was Sunil’s own — how depression can lead to a nightmare for a family that would have done anything to save their son. Sunil’s body was found in the Providence River on April 23, 2013, and an autopsy revealed that he had committed suicide.

Creepy Andrew Kaczynski Harasses Women and Falsely Accuses People of Crimes.

He is exactly the caliber of person you’d expect to find at CNN.

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