Deep State’s latest Smear — They Falsely Claim Mike Cernovich was Not in Military

I did 8 years in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves and graduated OCS. I never deployed, nor did I avoid any deployment. Attending law school made it hard to schedule OBC, and I resigned my commission to focus on my studies.

Again, my “service” record is not worth mentioning. Yet deep state agents are falsely claiming I never served.

If people are going to lie about me, then it’s important for me to show you the extent they will go to attack me.

Here is me at Basic Training, Ft. Sill Oklahoma in 1995.

Here is me at AIT (31U was my MOS) at Ft. Gordon Georgia in 1997. (See the Fort Gordon sign on the left?)

Here is a pic of me back when I had boyish good looks.

I don’t have any pictures from OCS because my mom lost them.

I suggest you read this moving story about the cost of war, and reflect on the kind of people we lose when we go to war in the Middle East. It sure ain’t people like Bill Kristol who wear the uniform.

As you can see, my haters will do anything to discredit me, they will even lie about me.

Thank you for the support!

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, filmmaker.

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