Does Journalist Mike Cernovich have Sources?

The National Security Adviser of the United States seems to think so:

Cernovich’s assault on McMaster seems to be getting attention inside the White House. Even before this week’s drama, the national-security adviser was aware of Cernovich and concerned about his access to information from the inside, sources said. As previously reported by Bloomberg, McMaster referenced Cernovich in an all-hands meeting in July, and batted down talk of the Obama “holdovers” who’ve become a point of contention both inside the White House and in the conservative media.
According to two sources with direct knowledge of the meeting, McMaster also mentioned Cernovich at an NSC senior-directors meeting that day, which roughly 20 people attended. “He did bring it up and said, ‘This guy’s been targeting our people, he is posting personal information that has to have come from the inside,’” the source close to McMaster said. McMaster “really gets upset when he thinks people under his command, under his chain of command, are being unfairly attacked.”

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