Does Trump have a Media Team?

When Sean Spicer tripped over his words, internet sleuths quickly unearthed Chris Matthews of Hardball making the same mistake.

Trump’s team immediately had a twofer. Here again is the opposition media applying a double standard — one for its own members, and one for everyone else. The Matthews video would have saved Sean Spicer while also putting the fake news media on the defense.

This video was not shared by anyone in Trump’s media team, and none of his surrogates mentioned it on TV.

What news stories did Trump’s media team push during the election?

The biggest stories of the election, the ones with real impact, came from social media or outlets that had no relationship with Trump. Trump’s team did not break even one big story.

Trump’s media team did not break the Hillary health story. That story was pushed on social media by Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, and the many Trump supporters who knew Hillary was unhealthy.

Trump’s media team did not fly out Bill Clinton’s rape and sexual harassment victims out to the debate. Chuck Johnson did this. Some tried stealing his credit, but Chuck called me before it happened to ask for advice.

Trump’s media team did not break the Anthony Weiner child porn story — the one that re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server story. Alana Goldman broke that story.

Does Trump have a media team? What do they do all day?

Why isn’t Trump doing weekly Periscopes and live streams with his followers?

Why isn’t Trump holding question-and-answer sessions with his supporters?

Why is Trump’s Twitter suddenly boring?

Why didn’t Sean Spicer spread this meme about Chris Matthews far and wide? Do they bother reading Twitter, or are they too busy answering emails from the media that is looking to catch them slipping?

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist who breaks news stories and doesn’t sit around answering press inquiries. He doesn’t even read the articles about him, as there are too many and they are boring. Gorilla Mindset is a great book. Read it today.