Fake News and the “Hacking” Attempts on Ben Sasse

Everyone who has had a Twitter account for a long enough time has received this message:

Reset your password? If you requested a password reset for [@username], click the button below. If you didn’t make this request, ignore this email.

If you have a verified account, you’ve had people try to reset your password several times. Here are but a few of the times my Twitter password was attempted to be reset. (I deleted most of the other emails.)

How to make the ordinary extraordinary? Blame Russia!

Ben Sasse claimed, with no evidence posted, that “hackers” were attempting to reset his Twitter passwords. He did not post a screen shot, because the fake news doesn’t fact-check stories much anymore — and they certainly don’t ask for proof when accusations are made against Wikileaks and Russia.

There is simply nothing unusual at all about having people attempting to hack into your accounts.

Indeed this article I’ve written is beneath me. It’s a story about nothing.

Yet these lies told by the media each day are bringing use closer to World War III with Russia, and it’s an important if yeomen’s task to call out the nonsense.

Ben Sasse is lying. No one is trying to “hack” his account because he criticized Wikileaks or Russia. They are trying to hack his account (assuming he’s telling the truth, which is a dubious assumption at best) because it’d be hilarious to post troll Tweets from it.

Whenever the fake news talks about hacking attempts from Russia, ask for proof. Where is the evidence? As of now, there isn’t any.

Well there is a lot of evidence coming from Wikileaks — evidence suggesting that the CIA is spying on every American citizen, 1984 style.

Once you recognize that the media is controlled by deep state, it’s coverage on Russia and Wikileaks will make more sense — perhaps too much sense to otherwise good people who have trouble comprehending the truly evil nature of American media.

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. His debut film on free speech features everyone from MILO to college students to comedians. You can watch it here.