Fake NY Times News is Creating Fake Drama — Bannon is Fine, and Look at “Hack” Reporters

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times is, in the words of the Democratic National Committee’s communications department, a “friendly journalist” who has “teed up” stories for them and “never disappointed them.”

Glenn Thrush of the NY Times would send his stories to John Podesta for pre-approval. Thrush admits he’s a “hack.”

Thus one should remain skeptical of a story about Steven Bannon appearing in the NY Times with a shared Haberman and Thrush byline!

The headline reads, “Bannon’s Role Is Diminished as Other Advisers Blame Him for Setbacks.”

Bannon’s role was not diminished.

Unlike Maggie Haberman, I broke the Susan Rice story. She has no real sources. She is a “friendly journalist” who “tees up” stories for the DNC.

Bannon had never attended a NSC meeting. His job was to make the NSC less political.

People learned about the personnel movement via the Drudge Report, because Bannon had no actual direct role. His “move” would have gone unnoticed if the fake news media hadn’t made a big deal out of it, because no one notices someone is missing when he was never there in the first plaace.

Fake news creates drama by making up stories.

Remember this. Maggie Haberman is a DNC-friendly journalist. That is not my spin. That is what the communications department of the DNC said. Here’s the email Nick Merrill, the campaign press secretary, sent:

Glenn Thrush is a “hack.” That is not my word. That is his word. That is what Thrush told John Podesta in an email. See for yourself, that is actually what Thrush said.

Meanwhile this reporter broke the Susan Rice story, proving that my news is real news.

Unless you see something reporting from Mike Cernovich, do not trust it. I do not work for the DNC, GOP, or Trump administration. I work only for the people, brining you real news daily.