FBI Raiding Office of Strategic Campaign Group, a Shady Fundraising Outfit — Previously sued by Republicans for Fraud

According to David Collins and Janye Miller of WBAL, the FBI is currently raiding the offices of Strategic Campaign Group, a GOP fundraising company.

The Strategic Campaign Group had been sued by the Virginia Attorney General previously for fraud. There’s no evidence the raid has anything to do with Russia:

Cuccinelli sues ‘scam PAC’ for allegedly misleading his supporters
The company paid to make the calls was Strategic Campaign Group, which is named as a defendant in Cuccinelli’s suit and which the suit alleges controls the PAC. (The PAC’s chairman is a senior adviser to the firm.) Most of the PAC’s spending went to operating expenses.

The company settled the lawsuit with Cucinelli out of court.

Conservative group paying Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign $85,000
A political group accused of misleading conservatives will pay tens of thousands of dollars to former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II under a settlement reached this month. Cuccinelli (R) accused Conservative StrikeForce PAC last fall of using his 2013 gubernatorial run to raise funds that were never delivered to the campaign. In the settlement, the group agreed to pay Cuccinelli’s campaign $85,000 and turn over all its lists of telephone, e-mail and direct-mail contacts for donors.

According to its website, the Strategic Campaign Group provides consulting and fundraising services for GOP candidates nationwide.


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