Filmmaker Mike Cernovich Raises over $70,000 in Two Days for Latest Film, Hoaxed

Filmmaker Mike Cernovich raised over $70,000 in only two days for his latest film, Hoaxed.

His haters are already jealous, to which Cernovich told this reporter, “Instead of making hate videos and Tweets about me, they should be developing their own skills. I’m an author who wrote a massively successful mindset book, then broke some of the biggest stories of 2017, and now I’m going to produce a major hit film. What have my haters done with their time?”

Cernovich produced a feature-length documentary on Free Speech, Silenced, which raised $71,000 a year ago on Kickstarter.

Cernovich hopes his success serves as an inspiration for others.

As explored in Gorilla Mindset, Cernovich grew up poor.

Yet he was able to overcome some of life’s horrible challenges by developing a systematic mindset model.

Since then Cernovich has continued to see success after success.

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