Gorilla Mindset in Action

Long-time readers who knew of me before the election often ask why I don’t write mindset articles much anymore. I always warned people that I would write a great book on mindset and then demonstrate it in action.

There’s a lot of money to be made in selling self-help porn. Give people the illusion that they are doing something by providing never-ending “motivational” content.

I choose readers just as readers choose me. People often tell me what to do, but the answer is, no, bye, don’t read me. I never bought an advertisement.

My message is targeted for people who are going to take action, not people who want to watch “inspirational” content on YouTube all day while living in drugery.

Mindset is demonstrated through action.

Yesterday I went to the White House lawn to watch Marine One land.

Afterwards I went to a well-attended happy hour. During the happy hour a protest broke out.

I crashed the protest and called Bill Clinton a rapist.

How did I go from “just a guy on Twitter” (what people with no vision saw) to where I am today? Gorilla Mindset is how.

Last weekend I crashed another protest, spreading the same triggering meme. Some guy tried to hit me, missed, and my counter punch connected.

How do I face down hundreds and somethings thousands of people who hate me? How do I maintain emotional control when others seek to “judge” me. Gorilla Mindset is how.

The point isn’t that I’m some sort of “cool guy,” whatever that means.

Mindset principles are universal. You can use Gorilla Mindset to develop more self-confidence when meeting people, or when selling products, or when building a media company.

Chapter 1 explains the power of self-talk, and it’s the most popular chapter for introverts. 75% of my readers are introverts, even though introverts only make up 25% of the general population.

Chapter 2 builds on the self-talk principles and explains how to reframe (or, if you prefer “spin”) negative life events into positive ones.

Chatper 3 is the best explanation on mindfulness anyone has ever seen. You can’t deal with stress if you lose your ability to remain present.

The other chapters teach you how to control your mood, maintain your focus, and even improve your health and wealth situations.

Gorilla Mindset is also available in audiobook format. The audiobook has nearly 1,000 ratings, and first-time audible subscribers can listen to it for free.

The print version has over 1,000 ratings worldwide — there are 800+ reviews in Amazon’s main store, and hundreds more in Amazon’s individual international stores.

Gorilla Mindset has done well in the UK.

Canadians also love Gorilla Mindset.

Where can you buy Gorilla Mindset?

Gorilla Mindet is available online at Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

The paperback is here.

Kindle version is here.

Audiobook is here.

Take control of your life today!

It’s simpler than you think, and requires you to make small moves each day.