Haters Wail as Cernovich Hits 300K

Haters are wailing as Mike Cernovich hit 300,000 followers on Twitter on the second year anniversary of his hit book, Gorilla Mindset. Cernovich’s Twitter following has doubled since the election.

According to social media metrics measuring site SocialBlade, Cernovich is gaining an additional 25,000 Twitter followers a month.

Cernovich’s other social media accounts have seen an increase, with his Facebook videos receiving millions of views each week.


When reached for comment, Cernovich told this reporter, “I’ll be finishing a book and film in 2017 this year, just as I did last year.” Laughing off claims he is an e-celebrity, he countered with a question, “What books have my haters written? Where are their films?”

Cernovich has also been guest hosting the Alex Jones Show’s 4th Hour on Friday, with reports surfacing that he will be hosting a daily video and radio show.

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