How I Forced the Entire Mainstream Media to Admit they are Hypocrites

Journalists are claiming it’s unfair to publicize their Tweets, which they’ve done to others for years.

Weaponized Outrage Is a Threat to Free Speech,” read one headline in the New Republic, with Slate breathlessly reporting, “He was Fired for a Tweet.” CNN claimed it was cowardly for MSNBC to fire a contributor for a “joke” Tweet, which I’ll quote in full: “Dont care re Polanski, but i hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man w/ a great sense of mise en scene.”

Not one mainstream publication has made the case that even if Sam Seder was joking, some subjects — such as child rape — shouldn’t be satirized. In a move suggesting everyone in the mainstream media thinks the same way, they came out in support of free speech.

These are the same people who led a hate mob against Justice Sacco, who at the time was a completely nobody with no platforms or media savvy. These are the same people who tracked down an anonymous Reddit user because he made a humorous pro wrestling gif about CNN.

What guiding principle is at play here? There’s a clear one: Journalists have more free speech rights than every other citizen.

If a journalist want to go through your timeline, plebian, then they have the every right to. They can even threaten to dox you, as CNN did to an anonymous Reddit user. If you want to go through their timeline, you are an Internet harasser who is weaponizing free speech.

These employees said cutting ties with Seder set a bad precedent and worried that it would incentivize far-right personalities to dig through the Twitter feeds of hosts, producers, and contributors looking for objectionable content.

Why can’t people look for objectionable content on social media? It’s what CNN and other reporters do every day.

What is this special pass that members of the mainstream media believe they are entitled to? Is it like a mafia, where they are “made men”?

Rather than address this hypocrisy, the media is using a common tactic — Kill the messenger.

In an effort that shows either a complete lack of self-awareness or a craven dishonesty not even I thought they had, the media is pulling out my satirical Tweets to use against me.

I literally made a film about outrage culture and the threat it poses to free speech. Not one person in the mainstream media would agree to appear in the film, and they all have said that bad Tweets should be called out. (Watch Silenced today!)

When one of their own has posted a child rape Tweet, it’s dismissed as satire and anyone who says otherwise must be silenced by the media.

There is a robust debate about whether professional comedians should use rape jokes, with most people in media claiming those jokes are in poor taste.

If professional comedians shouldn’t joke about rape, why should professional journalists joke about child rape? There’s obviously room for debate, isn’t there? And not one journalist said, “Hey, Sam Seder’s joke was vile and that kind of stuff makes us all look bad, he shouldn’t represent MSNBC.”

The media’s hypocrisy is on full display.

You filthy animals aren’t entitled to free speech. The media can pour through your social media posts looking for content. But they can say whatever they want, and if you point it out, you’re the bad guy.

When journalists stop trolling social media for “bad takes” on Twitter, they’ll have some credibility. Their circle the wagons defense of Sam Seder has exposed them as unprincipled power players in an amoral struggle for power.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. You can support his journalism via Bitcoin or PayPal.

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