McMaster’s Meltdown — Tells Staff he will not deal with “that high schooler” Hope Hicks

H.R. McMaster, who has run a brilliant media strategy with help from David Petraeus, was overheard saying he is “not going to take orders from that high schooler,” in reference to Hope Hicks, the first woman appointed White House Director of Strategic Communications.

Hicks, who maintains a low profile, is beloved by Trump’s base.

Hicks is one of the few people who understand how to use Twitter to create a news cycle. Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List, she is anything but a “high schooler.”

Hicks and McMaster clashed after it was revealed that McMaster was caught interviewing media people from Petraeus’ firm KKR. (Although KKR is a financial services firm, they have an extensive public relations budget.)

Through Petraeus and KKR, McMaster was able to plant fake anti-Bannon stories to people like Joe Scarborough, Glenn Thrush, and Maggie Haberman.

White House correspondent Thrush would send his articles to John Podesta for pre-approval, admitting “I am that much of a hack.” Haberman, emails revealed, was a “friendly” journalist that the DNC would use to “tee up” anti-Trump stories.

Petraeus, who served as an advisor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, has been using these “hacks” and “friendly” reporters to attack Steven Bannon, exaggerating and sometimes outright lying about Bannon’s relationship with Jared Kushner.

McMaster has been removing Trump supporters, as Trump’s base opposes his many planned wars in the Middle East. Trump supporters are also disdainful of Saudi Arabia.

Petraeus, Dina Habib Powell, and Gary Cohn stand to make their companies billions of dollars in a planned arms deal with the Saudis.

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.