I am Sorry and Will Do Better

I’ve neglected my Patreon backers and Kickstarter backers, and this is my fault. Here’s how we will improve in 2018.

To my many generous supporters:

You are valued and loved. The big stories I break are the result of you, and your generous support. Without your backing, I wouldn’t be able to afford to develop huge stories having worldwide impact. Unlike multi-billion dollar companies like CNN, I’m just a stay-at-home dad with a smart phone and laptop.

Because of you, we’ve made a tremendous impact on the world.

Last year I regularly posted updates and held conference calls with you. This year has been hectic, and we haven’t had our regular calls. That’s not an excuse, it’s simply an explanation.

I’ve hired a Community Manager who will schedule our conference calls and keep them happening every week. I’ll also get the swag shipped. I owe a lot of you coffee mugs, movie posters, t-shirts, and other stuff. We are making this the highest priority.

As always, if you are a backer, always feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you for the massive support.

This year we have:

  • Appeared on 60 Minutes before 16 million people
  • Exposed Susan Rice for spying on Americans
  • Held H.R. McMaster accountable for his efforts to purge the NSC of pro-Trump people
  • Had many other “mini-scoops,” for example we first reported that Reince Preibus was leaving the White House
  • Brought John Conyers settlement to light

Our stories have been covered by every media outlet, including CNN. McMaster himself was asked about me on Meet the Press.

My mindset business is highly lucrative, and it’s tempting to return to it full-time.

Your support has kept me in the media game. Thank you!

As always, you can support real journalism via PayPal or Bitcoin.

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— — —

Thank you again! 2018 is going to be incredible. I already have some stories in the pipeline.

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