Accused Pedophile Pictured with Robby Mook and CNN Anchors— Will CNN Disavow?

Jacob Schwartz was the president of the Manhattan Young Democrats. He has been accused of possessing over 3,000 images of children being molested and abused.

Here is a picture of Jacob Schwartz with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook.

Why has Mook refused to disavow?

Here is a picture of Jacob Schwartz with Brooke Baldwin.

Will Brooke Baldwin disavow?

Jacob Schwartz was a guest on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show.

Why has Cuomo refused to disavow?

Do CNN and Robby Mook endorse Jacob Schwartz’s conduct?

Under the standard CNN and the Democrats hold conservatives to, we must conclude that refusing to disavow a pedophile allows us to draw an adverse inference.

Unlike David Duke, who Trump hated, we have pictures of Jacob Schwartz with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Trump had to disavow Duke 9 or 10 times, because apparently public figures must disavow people they don’t even like.

Schwartz was an honored guest on CNN! He also led the Democrats’ official group, Young Manhattan Democrats. Schwartz was a real player within the Democrats. He even worked for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

My hope is that Robby Mook, Brooke Baldwin, and Chris Cuomo disavow pedophile Jacob Schwartz.

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