Lindsey’s Leaker — How a Never Trump Legislative Aide with No National Security Experience Landed at the NSC

When Senator Lindsey Graham’s long-time legislative assistant Virginia Boney, who specialized in healthcare legislation, was hired to be a legislative affairs chief for the National Security Council, more than a few heads turned. Boney, who is anti-Trump, has no meaningful national security experience. She was also hired instead of several veterans who had applied for the position.

“McMaster took her in exchange for Lindsey’s and McCain’s support,” one source with knowledge of the deal told me. Several others confirmed this assessment, noting Boney is completely unqualified to be at NSC.

Before working at NSC, Boney was, Deputy Director of Appropriations and Projects for Senator Graham. She specialized in healthcare policy and reform.

Multiple sources on Capital Hill have told me that if they want to know what President Donald Trump is doing, they talk to Boney, because, “She loves to talk about how important and plugged in she is.”

Many of the leaks about Trump have come from Congressional members and staff via Boney, who is also close with Senator John McCain.

Boney’s betrayal of trust is what we’ve come to expect from the Trump White House where, according to the running joke, “The only way you can get hired is if you’ve Tweeted #NeverTrump.”


Mike Cernovich is a journalist, filmmaker, and author. His most popular book is about emotional control and physical health.

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