Make the NSC Democrat Again — McMaster’s Plan to Purge the NSC of “America First” Policy Goals

We need to professionalize the NSC,” current NSA H.R. McMaster was overheard saying at a staff meeting, “and that means bringing in more Democrats.” McMaster has been overheard by multiple sources deriding President Donald Trump’s America First Policy, which McMaster has called naive.

McMaster’s suggestion that the NSC needs more liberals is laughable considering that the NSC is already stacked with Obama and Clinton holdovers.

McMaster, who refuses to say “radical Islamic terrorism,” recently hired a Hamas sympathizer Kris Bauman, who earlier said that, “The Obama Administration must find creative (but legal) ways to include Hamas in a solution.”

With KT McFarland being replaced by Petraeus loyalist Ricky Waddell, McMaster is planning to purge people who considers “hangers on” and “barriers to accomplishing his agenda.” Steven Bannon is McMaster’s top target, although anyone who subscribes to the non-interventionist “America First” foreign policy is also a target.

McMaster unsuccessfully attempted to oust Sebastian Gorka. Trump had to personally intervene, a story Jake Turx of Ami Magazine broke.

His next targets are General Keith Kellogg, Dina Powell, Stephen Miller, and Hope Hicks.

McMaster recently said he would refuse to listen to media guidance from Hope Hicks, a powerful media voice who is beloved by Trump’s base.

President McMaster?

McMaster’s attempt to undermine Trump indirectly through personnel decisions and directly by going on television to overrule Trump on matters such as North Korea, has led some, with rolled eyes, to refer to McMaster “Chief,” short for commander-in-chief.

Trump’s plan to promote McMaster to full General has stalled. Multiple Pentagon sources have claimed McMaster is unfit to lead.


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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.