Mazel Tossed — How McMaster Used a Trump Aide’s Visit to Israel as Grounds to Pull his Security Clearance

One of President Donald Trump’s supporters was removed from the NSC on grounds that are either flimsy or fabricated. Adam S. Lovinger’s security clearance was pulled after he attended a bar mitzvah in Israel, Cernovich media can exclusively report.

Bill Gertz broke the story, which can now be developed more fully.

Pentagon Pulls Security Clearance of Trump White House Aide
Political retribution by anti-Trump bureaucrats suspected
Adam S. Lovinger, a 12-year strategic affairs analyst with the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), has been on loan to the NSC since January when he was picked for the position by then-National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn.
Lovinger was notified in a letter from the Pentagon on Monday that his Top-Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) clearance had been suspended and that he had to return to the Pentagon.

Lovinger was called back to DOD and McMaster had his security clearance revoked based on a trip to Israel for a family bar mitzvah.

McMaster, several people with knowledge of his foreign policy views, it staunchly anti-Israel.

McMaster would not state that the Western Wall is in Israel, and indeed has told Trump not to visit the Western Wall at all.

McMaster recently hired a Hamas sympathizer Kris Bauman, who earlier said that, “The Obama Administration must find creative (but legal) ways to include Hamas in a solution.”

McMaster wanted to remove Lovinger for being a proponent of a more calculated strategy in South Asia, as Lovinger favors India over Pakistan.

This directly conflicted with McMaster’s view that Pakistan is a more needed asset, due to McMaster’s war plan in Afghanistan. McMaster will need to use supply routes through Pakistan to support his troop surge in Afghanistan.

McMaster, multiple sources report, also did not like that Lovinger was pro-Trump.

McMaster teamed up with Jim Baker (Lovinger’s prior boss), who is also a close associate of disgraced former CIA director David Petraeus, to fabricate information about Lovinger.

Jim Baker refused requests from the Office of Net Assessment to write about the strategic impact of radical Islamic terrorism. During the transition, Baker was heard openly trashing Trump while on official travel.

Baker was calling Trump incompetent and unstable to foreign military officers, including generals and admirals.

McMaster is purging everyone who wants to put America First, which he calls a “naive” foreign policy.

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.