CNN Hires Cernovich’s Stalker, Brian Karem as on-air Contributor

When national security reporter Mike Cernovich attended a White House press briefing, Brian Karem was triggered. He stalked Cernovich outside of the press briefing room. Making wild and erratic hand gestures at Cernovich, Karem was attempting to force Cernovich to lose his cool. You can watch the video here:

Karem kept jabbing his finger into Cernovich’s face, on the White House lawn, demonstrating an intent to commit violence. Sensing Karem was unhinged, Cernovich spoke to him with his hands at “parade rest,” as a way to claim the moral high ground.

No one in the White House Press Association chastised Karem for this clear breach of civility. We all know what would have happened if Cernovich had chased down a reporter and making threatening hand gestures. It’d have been the biggest story of the day, with calls to ban Cernovich from the White House. None of that happens here, of course, because the media does not apply objective rules or standards to reporters. If you’re part of “the club,” you can do whatever you like.

Cernovich maintained a firm but peaceful posture throughout the attack.

As you can see, Cernovich maintains his emotional control throughout the process, due to his Gorilla Mindset.

In an effort to get revenge on Cernovich for his many stories exposing fake news, CNN has hired Brian Karem as a contributor.

“I’m glad CNN hired this lunatic,” Cernovich told this reporter, “because it will hurt their credibility.”

Cernovich continued, “It’s flattering that CNN is now making hiring decisions based on who attempts to assault me.”

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