Deep State Operative Pretends to be Journalist, is Exposed as a Shill by Cernovich

Because I broke the Susan Rice story, the biggest scoop of the year, the deep state is shook and wants to silence me. The official propaganda outlet for deep state shills and members of the Council on Foreign Relations is planning a hit piece on me.

War mongering is big business, and those few journalists who oppose the War Machine will face brutal attacks on their reputations. What most do not know is that “journalists” work as undisclosed spokesmen and spokeswomen for deep state. The latest planned hit piece on Mike Cernovich shows you how fake news works behind the scenes.

Cernovich received a DM saying:

Mike, Hi, I’m working on a piece for [prestigious publication] about your recent blog/tweets about career civil servants working on the NSC. I wanted to give you an opportunity to comment. How do you decide who to write about?

After an introductory back-and-forth, Cernovich responded:

Do you think it’s weird sources are coming to you to complaint about me? It’s like they are using you, trying to get you to write a hit piece on me. That would make you a PR agent for them, which wouldn’t be real journalism. I hope your article includes people who speak on the record. They should also reach out to me directly rather than use you like their PR agent. Delete this message Jul 6 Sent

The “journalist” was not amused, and showed her hand towards the end of the conversation:

1. You have posted allegations against career civil servants in government and others without any evidence. Some of those allegations are demonstrably false. For example, you wrote that Eric Ciaramella was fired, which was not the case. You alleged Hillary Clinton had Parkinson’s Disease, which she does not. And you promoted the “pizzagate” conspiracy, which was false. In our article, we will refer to these posts as attacks on the reputations of people, often with unconfirmed or patently false information. Do you dispute this description? 2. It does not appear that the people you write about are given a chance to respond to these allegations. Do you ever reach out to these people for comment? If not, why not?

Cernovich told this fake news purveyor what she really was:

Hillary Clinton is obviously unwell, as anyone can see. Explain why she was wearing anti-seizure glasses after her “pneumonia.” You can’t. You are a shill. There are powerful pedophiles in D.C. Anthony Weiner is going to prison for child porn. Weiner had access to Hillary Clinton’s emails and was a golden child of Democrats. Jacob Schwartz was friends with Robby Mook, and Schwartz has been charged with possessing child pornography. Has Robby Mook disavowed? And why did CNN have Schwartz on as a guest? Has CNN disavowed the pedophile they gave a platform?
You are a spokeswoman for globalist warmongers. You are the mouthpiece of death and destruction. Your fraudulent hit piece on me validates the strength of my work. One day perhaps you’ll do real journalism, and speak out against those who are hell bent on destroying the West and the Middle East.

No one Cernovich has criticized contacted him directly.

I am easy to reach. Why hasn’t H.R. McMaster or his globalist stooges contacted me directly?

What sort of “reporter” works as a PR agent for McMaster without disclosing these ties? Is McMaster one of her sources of leaks?

As you see, what will be presented as journalism is a “reporter” serving as a public relations spokesperson for the people Cernovich writes about.

Cernovich is honored that the Council on Foreign Relations is attacking him.

This is how much of an impact we are having. The official propaganda outlet for the Council on Foreign Relations is planning a hit piece on me.

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