Four Journalists from theSh*tty Men in Media List are Confirmed Harassers — Who‘s Next?

The Sh*tty Men in Media List appears to be accurate — Who will release it in full?

At least four men whose names appear on the Sh*tty Men in Media List are on leave from their jobs or have been fired. Those four men include:

  • Hamilton Fish,
  • Leon Wieseltier,
  • David Corn,
  • Rupert Myers.

David Corn, who works at Mother Jones, had his misbehavior covered up at the very top of the publication. Clara Jeffery attacked this journalist for sending an email asking about Mr. Corn. Jeffery called me a “conspiracy theorist.”

We just are not going to comment on unsourced, 3rd-hand allegations repackaged by an alt-right blogger and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist.” Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffery told POLITICO.

A couple of days later, the story broke that David Corn is under investigation for sexual harassment.

We can thus say with clear certainty: Clara Jeffery covers up sexual misconduct. She hates women, she does not care about women, and any lawyer suing Mother Jones is going to have a field day during her deposition.

Several other men in media are on leave after being exposed as rapist and sexual harassers. One male feminist from Vice, a pro-pedophile website that has attacked me, is accused of RAPE.

Vice has a literal rapist on payroll, and yet they attack us over “mean Tweets.” Let that sink in.

In any event, it’s clear that the Sh*tty Men in Media List is accurate.

I have a copy of the list and may release it in full.

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. Read his best-selling book Gorilla Mindset because you want to live a better life.

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