Mike Cernovich’s Books, Films, Social Media, Blogs, and Podcast

Although known primarily as a journalist, I write about many other subjects and maintain several social media accounts as well as a highly-rated podcast.

TRIGGER WARNING: This article will talk a lot about me because people want to find out more about my books, films, and blogs. I’m a productive guy and it’s hard to keep track of it all.

My debut book Gorilla Mindset has over 777 reviews on Amazon’s main page, and has over 1,000 total reviews worldwide.

Gorilla Mindset is on Amazon.

Mike Cernovich Podcast

My podcast is politics free. The Mike Cernovich podcast focuses on health, success, and general life topics. It has five stars on iTunes.

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Mike Cernovich on YouTube

I’ve only recently begun building up my YouTube page. My YouTube is a hybrid of mindset and politics. Some videos are mindset only, and others contain news and political commentary.

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Mike Cernovich Instagram

My Instagram is known for its pics of sunsets, travel, Shauna, my dog Julius, and books.

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Mike Cernovich’s Films

I produced the feature-length documentary Silenced, which covers the war on free speech.

You can read the reviews for Silenced here.

You can watch Silenced here.

Un/Convention focuses on media fraud at the RNC and DNC. You can watch Un/Convention at YouTube to see many examples of the media lying to you.

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Mike Cernovich’s Blogs

I write about travel and marketing at Cernovich.com

I keep a blog Danger & Play, which is regularly updated and includes guest articles from experts.

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