My Best Advice to Journalists, Podcasters, and all Writers

As I’ve become one of the 10 most influential voices this election season, media figures look on with jealousy. That’s a scarcity mindset. My own success does not preclude anyone else from being successful.

Here is how you can become your own Mike Cernovich, Inc.

Focus on your fans/readers. End the pundit circle jerk.

How often do you see me butt kissing anyone on Twitter? I don’t kiss up to pundits with hopes they will write about me. There are many reasons for this, some personal and some practical.

I dislike dishonest people, and pundits are frauds. Pretending to like vile people for a reach-around is how you destroy your soul. I also ignore them because it’s bad for business.

Imagine a pundit writes about me in an article. (That’s not hard to imagine. There are hundreds of articles about me. Everyone from Gawker to Politifact has tried to take me down, with the end result being us laughing in their faces.)

No one reads an article about me and buys my book. Throw-away quotes are of no value to me. Even a byline on a big site like the Hoaxington Post is garbage.

  • How do I know this? Book sales data tells the truth. You can check the Amazon Kindle sales rank of any of your favorite bloggers. I outsell them (almost all, anyway) all.

Do you know who buys your books, backs your Kickstarters, and advocates for you? It’s not other pundits. It’s your “fans.” (I hate that term.)

Focus on your fans and readers.

I would rather build up the brand of a long-time supporter than get @ replies from “big names.”

That’s why you don’t see me pitching articles. (I have never sent an article out to any website or magazine or tried getting in their little club.)

In fact no one in media today does more to support young up-and-coming people than I do.

A full 20% of my day is spent looking for new talent to promote and give massive Twitter impressions to.

If you want to build your own brand, here’s some advice:

Talk to “nobodies” who @ tweet you.

I don’t view anyone as a nobody, because we are all human and there’s no reason to think highly of yourself, and also because there are a lot of nobodies who are stealth somebodies. (You never know who you’re talking to.)

Write for readers, not editors and pundits.

Who cares if your work is cited by some dork? Being cited by Vox or Gawker or BuzzFeed won’t build your brand up. Writing for readers will.

With every article I ask, “How can I add value to the lives of everyone who reads this?”

This very article adds value to the lives of any up-and-comer. It adds value to everyone, as it explains the mindset you need to succeed at life.

Network with readers.

Your readers and fans will be your biggest advocates. Treat them with the respect they deserve, and yes go meet them rather than be a snob.

I have always been meeting readers, even when I didn’t have many. Now I can host a meet-up and have a lot of people show up. But even when my audience was smaller, I was never too good to meet even one reader.

Develop an abundance mindset.

Guys (and gals), the media world is huge. The writing world is huge. People read hundreds of websites and books and binge watch YouTube.

No one is going to stop reading or watching you because they read or watch someone else.

Building other people up will not tear you down. (In the media world, the big talent rarely tries helping out smaller talent. Scarcity mindset.)

The more people I can bring up with me, the more everyone advances.

You’d think that’s common sense.

But ask yourself this. How many “big names” who know me are advocating for me to get on various podcasts and TV shows?

Most people in media (journalism and punditry is a form of the fame game) back-stab others rather than advance them.

Yet I’m living proof that you can build up others as well as yourself.

I am always out actively promoting friends of mine and people who have a great message.

Who else works as hard to promote others as I do?

That’s not by accident. It’s a product of an abundance mindset. There is more than enough fame/attention/money to go around.

The best way to build an abundance mindset is to read and apply Gorilla Mindset, which you have made a success for me and will use to make your own life a success.

Originally published at on August 4, 2016.