On Being “Allowed” to Criticize Trump’s Decision Making

Lately people have begun saying that no one may criticize Trump, ever. Do you know that those accounts have in common? They have nothing to say unless they are cheer leading for Trump.

There’s some bad news that many people are going to realize. Some of us can pivot, talk about completely different subjects, and still be relevant.

My position on Trump: If he betrays his campaign promises, I won’t go anti-Trump. Trump will never be worse than Hillary. But I certainly won’t push out messages that actually have impact. It won’t be hate, it will be apathy.

I have an online profile outside of writing about Trump. My film on free speech (Silenced) doesn’t mention Trump, nor does Gorilla Mindset — which was a best seller before I got involved in any of this politics and journalism stuff. My book on Trump, MAGA Mindset, sells far fewer copies than Gorilla Mindset does. The market for mindset books is greater than for political books.

My next big book will be on platform building. It will be my biggest book success by far, and it will have zero to do with Trump.

My journalism isn’t about Trump. My most impactful journalism is about the warmongering globalists. I also expose a lot of media hoaxes.

Media hoaxes aren’t going anywhere. Exposing fake news is a growth business.

I could not write about Trump ever again and not see any personal or professional fallout.

Some people have no message outside of Trump. If they don’t cheer lead for Trump, they have no account.

For those who are mad at me, well, cry more.

My Twitter is up.

My YouTube views are up.

My Periscope is up.

Our message is resonating with more and more people around the world.

People want solutions to problems facing America. They believe Trump is willing to solve them. If that changes, the people will move on.

As the Syria bombing strike showed, Trump supporters are not cult members. We aren’t the fake news. We want Trump to end globalist neocon wars in the Middle East. If that doesn’t happen, the base will fracture.

Trump, as President, owes it to us to provide leadership. We don’t owe it to him to blindly follow. If Trump can’t get buy-in from his supporters, he’ll learn quickly that most of his supporters are holding him up rather than admiring him as he sits on a pedestal.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. He’ll write about whatever he likes.