Paul Nehlen Betrayed a Lot of People

Jake Tapper and the book burners are trash, and so is Paul Nehlen.

It’s embarrassing that “journalists” freak out because people read edgy books. I’ve never read The Culture of Critique, and don’t plan to. But if Nehlen reads it, so what? I thought Nazis were the ones who burned books.

It’s also embarrassing that Nehlen’s thought he was in high school, and posted a picture of a book to show a bunch of Nazi LARP’ers how cool he is.

Nehlen ingratiated himself with Trump, Bannon, and others in the movement. Nehlen’s team would beg me to interview him, and it got tiresome actually.

Nehlen found Bannon and Breitbart, they didn’t find him. Nehlen joined a team, and offered assurances that he was a normal functioning adult.

I went to Wikipedia to find Nehlen’s age. He’s a 48 year old man, and he is posting memes sent to him by teenage boys. This isn’t normal behavior.

A lot of people will say that I’m the wrong person to call out anyone’s antics, and you’d be wrong. I’ve carved out my own slice of the world without begging people to promote me, and without joining a team.

I even caused outrage when I said I wasn’t “pro-Trump.”

I create distance between myself and other people, for their protection. Leave me in peace to say whatever the f-ck I want to say and to read books and do documentaries.

Find a picture of me with anyone prominent within the MAGA movement. No one has any idea who I know or talk about, because I don’t run my mouth and rush to events to get my picture taken with high profile people.

(Plus, you’re a loser if you need derivative social status. I know so-and-so is a way of saying, “I’m not important enough on my own, and must name-drop people to show you I matter.”)

One of my favorite books is written by a communist general who was responsible for leading the war efforts against America during the Vietnam War.

I can talk about the Military Art of People’s War by Vo Nguyen Giap without wondering if people will use me as a weapon against the MAGA movement. “Look! Cernovich is a commie!”

Some will say I’m c-cking, and they are wrong. There is no “redemption” act in the Cernovich play. I’ve said enough to end over 9,000 political careers. I have NEVER apologized.

Cry more about my words, I don’t care, this isn’t about Nehlen’s words or his choice to read a book. It’s about his lack of character as a man.

When you join a team, you’re making a commitment to put the interests of the team above your own.

Nehlen’s interest isn’t in winning, it’s in receiving the validation of teenage boys.

I don’t disavow Paul Nehlen because his ideas are too edgy or because I’m so afraid of talking about “Jewish interests.” (If you think you’re edgy, talk to some Orthodox Jews. There’s a long, ongoing conversation happening, I’ve had many controversial conversations on these issues. Pro tip: People will talk about anything with you when they find out you’re curious, and not “just asking questions” as a way to mask legitimate hatred.)

Paul Nehlen is not a man of character, he does not honor his word or commitments. He’s not welcome at any event I organize.

I don’t disavow people, because I’m not the Internet Cop.

My God, if I disavow Nehlen today, tomorrow I’ll have to go all ADL on the Internet and start policing metaphors. Think I’m joking? Here is the ADL president telling someone to not use “genocide” in the same sentence as “hummus.”

People can say and do as they like, and I will say and do as I like.

If you legitimately hate straight white men, straight people, blacks, Muslims, Jews, women, gays, transgenders, or anyone else: Stay far away from me and my events.

Edgy jokes are welcome. I’m a big fan of Owen Benjamin. #UnBEARables.

There’s a point where you’re in a room laughing at a joke. You look around to see other people aren’t laughing. They are taking it seriously.

I don’t want to be in those rooms.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

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