#PhotoGate — Patriots Deflate Fake News from the NY Times

Tonight on Twitter the Patriots deflated a fake news story blown up by the NY Times. The NY Times, which is owned by Mexican immigration activist Carlos Slim, lied on Twitter about the Patriot’s attendance today at the White House.

The Patriots responsed to the Times, caling them liars.

This is the misleading picture the Times posted.

This was the real attendance.

The Patriots continued to fact-check fake news in real-time, noting: “Comparable photos: The last time the #Patriots won two Super Bowls in three years, 36 players visited the White House. Today, we had 34.”

#PhotoGate is yet another reason no one trusts the fake news media. You can’t even believe the pictures they post.

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Mike Cernovich is America’s greatest journalist. He initially broke the story about the dishonest NY Times and #PhotoGate. You can fund honest journalism here.