Political Violence is Here — Now the Question is, Who Can Do it Better?

The fake news media was silent when a woman wearing a Make BITCOIN Great Again hat was pepper sprayed by left-wing activist. The young woman wearing a bitcoin hat was not the first woman to be assaulted by a liberal.

On Twitter the left celebrated the assaulted. “She had it coming” was the theme, even though she was not a Trump supporter and instead was merely curious enough to attend MILO’s talk at Berkeley.

A female Trump supporter had eggs thrown on her while an angry mob menaced her at a San Jose event.

Women who support Trump can be beaten according to liberal Max Landis. Keep in mind that everyone who didnt’ vote for Hillary Clinton is a “Nazi.”

Those who hated Trump and his supporters — and this is 90% of people working in media — welcomed the violence.

Violence from the left was ignored by the media or praised. At a Trump rally in San Jose, groups of left-wing activists ran down Trump supporters.

Thomas Dimassimo rushed the stage at a Trump rally, CNN invited him on as an honored guest. They claimed he was a protester when my search of his social media account pulled up pre-rush gems like: “I want to be a Martyr.”

The left burned down a Muslim man’s private car during the Inauguration. This man needed his car to work, as he was a driver. The media was silent.

Even old people could be attacked, and the left reacted with glee.

Violence became a political tool of the left.

The Right “Punched Back.” Suddenly the fake news media cares about so-called political violence.

Realizing that the left had declared open season on women and children, and that liberal police would not perform their sworn duties, men began offering private security services to those who wanted to express themselves freeely.

The March4Trump and Rise of Based Stick Man.

On March 4th, Trump supporters met ANTIFA in an open field. The Trump supporters did not initiate violence. They defended themselves.

A man emerged above all others. Dubbed “Based Stickman,” he protected himself and others from violent, feral mobs. After being falsely arrested, a crowd-fund for his legal fees reached over $85,000 in 24 hours.

Matt Pearce of the Los Angeles Times was appalled, writing on Twitter, “the far right seems to be embracing the idea of street violence in response to antifas, if the Based Stick Man keyword search is any clue.”

ANTIFA had assaulted several women. ANTIFA burns down cars and sucker punches people. Self-defense, according to Pearce, is “street violence.”

Journalists should call out violence from both sides. Violence against women is welcomed. “She had it coming” if she voted for Trump, or supports bitcoin, or….

The Battle for Berkeley.

Recognizing that free speech is the highest American value and that liberal police departments will not defend the rights of the people, several groups held a free speech rally in Berkeley, California — the scene of the MILO riots.

ANTIFA showed up. They were ready. They were going to smash women in the face and throw bricks at children.

The left was trounced.

Shane Bauer of Mother Jones was appalled. Bauer didn’t care when “right wing” women were attacked. He doesn’t care about violence against women. Well he does care. He loves it when women are beaten — as long as they are “the enemy.”

Political violence is here. The only question today is — Who can do it better?

Noam Chomsky isn’t hopeful. When asked about the “Is is OK to punch a Nazi” meme the NY Times and other fake news outlets circulated, Chomsky replied via email:

Wrong in principle, in my opinion, and tactically self-destructive. When we move to the arena of violence, the most brutal guys win — and that’s not us.”

ANTIFA operatives discussed their loss on a message board.

I have seen quite a bit of media that has come out of Berkeley today, including watching some of a live stream, and it is very troubling.
The right was able to hold their own to a large degree against antifascists, in one of the most radical metropolitan areas in the country. They gave as good as they got, and they were able to keep a presence in the streets for hours.

ANTIFA members are now openly discussing taking paramilitary training courses.

“Better trained”
A shocking number of our comrades went in there with absolute no combat training. We need to set up seminars or something of the sort.

The fake news media doesn’t care about political violence. They have no principles. They are craven and evil.

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.