Politico Confirms Mike Cernovich’s Reporting on Tillerson’s Migrant Resettlement Plan

Politico confirmed Mike Cernovich’s scoop in an article that didn’t credit Cernovich. In a pattern all too familiar to Cernovich’s news fans, a Tweet from Cernovich — an afterthought — is big enough for a full write-up at mainstream publications.

On June 29th, Cernovich Tweeted:

The next day Politico reported:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson argued with senior White House aide Stephen Miller over immigration issues last week in a second recent clash with the White House.

Tillerson’s State Department does not put America first.

Tillerson and Miller’s dispute concerned the State Department’s decision to lift the ban on allowing in migrants from terrorist countries, a story the NY Times reported in May.

The State Department is being run by Never Trump’er Brian Hook.

Brian Hook has taken over control of the State Department, along with Margaret Peterlin. Hook, according to multiple sources, has been meeting with foreign heads of state.

One foreign leader from India found it degrading to meet with Hook, whose position does not warrant the level of power he holds. Hook, moreover, has committed several cultural faux pas and it seen as uncouth.

Brian Hook was a Never Trump’er.

Why is a Never Trump’er in charge of the State Department?

Why is Brian Hook meeting with heads of state?

Why does Rex Tillerson want to allow in migrants from terrorist nations?

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