President McMaster? — McMaster to Meet with Trump to Discuss Who is Running the White House

President Trump and his NSA H.R. McMaster have an important meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. During this meeting they will discuss an important question — Who is President?

#NeverTrump and pro-Iraq war pundit David Frum wishes it were McMaster, whose conduct suggests he agrees with Frum.

Bill Kristol, one of the architects of the Iraq War, also praised McMaster repeatedly.

Trump has becoming increasingly frustrated with “President McMaster.”

McMaster breached chain-of-command protocol by unilaterally appointing Ricky Waddell has his deputy. Before that he attempted to hire a proven fraud, Linda Weissgold (yes, the Benghazi liar), to work at NSC.

McMaster Interviewed CIA Operative to Replace Trump NSC Official
In her position at OTA, she was also involved directly in drafting the now infamous Benghazi talking points, which government officials revised heavily to include factually incorrect assessments that stated the attackers were prompted by protests. According to the House Select Committee on Benghazi’s report, Weissgold testified she had changed one such talking point to say that extremists in Benghazi with ties to al Qaeda had been involved in “protests” in the Libyan city, despite the fact that no such protests had occurred there on the day of the attack.

McMaster also overruled Trump on North Korea, leaked fake anti-Bannon articles to the media, and pushed for a ground war in Syria and massive new surge in Afghanistan.

McMaster has remade NSC in the image of his mentor General Petraeus, who never saw a conventional war he didn’t like. McMaster had been passed over for one-star general twice before Petraeus personally intervened on his behalf. According to Army lore, McMaster would have been relieved of duty under the Army’s “up-or-out” policy. Petraeus was put on the promotion board overseeing McMaster’s application.

McMaster will likely “fall up” to four-star general.

Trump is not interested more stories about personnel issues, and thus the Pentagon is looking for four-star general positions. The current Vice Chief of Staff of the Army’s tenure is winding to a close, and McMaster is being considered for that role.

Other sources suggest McMaster may replace General John W. Nicholson Jr., the top commander in Afghanistan.

McMaster, for his part, has not enjoyed his role as NSA.

McMaster is an armor officer at heart, and finds the work of the NSA tedious and unrewarding.

He has currently presented five plans to intervene in various parts of the world, including most recently in Venezuela — a plan favored by Dina Habib Powell and Niki Haley.


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Mike Cernovich is a journalist and filmmaker who regularly scoops the mainstream media.