#Rev18 — a New Super PAC for a New Movement

Quick! Name one Super PAC. I bet 99% of you can’t, because Super PACs are largely a scam that exist to enrich their owners and drain rich people of money. Here is how the scam goes:

  • Buy fancy office space,
  • Hire a production company run by friends of middling talent at above market rates to do a “campaign ad,”
  • Produce ONE AD and act like it’s a huge deal to do a sucky video that doesn’t even go viral,
  • Place that ad on television (because it’s too basic and boring to go viral), and receive 20% commission for the ad buy spend,
  • Get rich while having zero impact.

The problem is that Super PACs do not win elections, ads do not move votes, and there needs to be a new way for new media and this massive new movement.

#REV18 is a new way for new media.

Jack Posobiec is doing 120+ million views a month on Twitter.

Last month my Twitter did 87 million impressions, and it was a slow month, as I focused on Facebook, which is now reaching nearly 100 million people a month and doing over 100 million video views with zero advertising spending.

Who is behind #REV18?

Jeff Giesea organized and funded REV 18 PAC after seeing a need during the campaign to connect social media stars with voters. Together with Posobiec and Cernovich, Giesea created a get-out-the-vote-drive MAGA3X during the campaign.

MAGA3X, borrowing a concept from Grand Cardone’s best-selling book The 10X Rule, was premised on the idea that each voter could 3X his or her impact by

  • Registering three friends to vote,
  • Sharing three articles a day on social media,
  • Driving three friends to the polls on election day.

Through the power of social media, MAGA3X was able to get numerous hashtags trending, and in fact both Trump and other major political candidates posted to our hashtags without knowledge we started them.

Together they threw what everyone agreed was the best Inauguration party, the Deploraball.

What will REV 18 PAC do?

For one, Rev 18 will use social media effectively to amplify messages of candidates the PAC is backing.

For another, REV 18 will….you’ll see!

Proof that REV 18 is different is that people are already talking about it. Go onto Twitter and click on the hashtage #REV18.

REV 18 PAC already has strong viral interest from voters.

Now run a search for the other big-name Super PACs. Who is talking about them?

Find out more about #REV18 at the official page!

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