Sam Harris Goes on Joe Rogan Podcast, Admits he is Jealous of Mike Cernovich

Sam Harris, who challenged me to a debate and then backed down after I accepted it, went onto the Joe Rogan podcast to throw shade. Sam Harris is no Kanye. Sam Harris failed, just as he failed getting sick Hillary elected and failed to predict Trump would win, unlike me — who predicted Trump would win and wrote this great book about it.

I hadn’t listened to the clip because Joe Rogan talking to Sam Harris is a cure for insomnia. Today a reader sent me the relevant clip. Here is the full clip. Fact-check me. Listen to this and then tell me that Sam Harris isn’t jealous of me.

Sam Harris admits he hates me not for anything “bad” that I do, but because I have real-world impact, and because I influence how people perceive President Trump. Here’s the direct quote:

“Mike Cernovich actually has effects on the real world….He’s in the world…He’s effecting people’s perception on Trump.”

Sam couldn’t stop talking about me, but the guy is so boring that I couldn’t bear to listen to it all.

Sam Harris obviously has not read Gorilla Mindset and needs help.

Don’t be like Sam Harris. Read Gorilla Mindset today.