The Independent Spreads Fake News — Falsely Accuses Journalists of Racism!

When Puerto Rican journalist Cassandra Fairbanks and journalist Mike Cernovich took a picture from the White House Press briefing room, they did not expect to be lied about. Yet two purveyors of fake news accused them of flashing a “white supremacy” symbol.

A fusion blogger, in a Tweet RT’ed over 4,500 times, claimed the OK sign is a “white supremacist” symbol.

Fusion is fake news, and was mocked by many people of color who want to live on a world where the media unites rather than creates racist hoaxes.

The Independent, a U.K. publication with offices in New York, amplified Fusion’s lie by publishing an article falsely accusing Fairbanks and Cernovich of racism. Neither Cernovich nor Fairbanks are “alt-right,” and they certainly were not making inappropriate gestures.

Fairbanks is considering a lawsuit.

Cernovich has said the lies are funny and that he’s grateful. “Even if I ever make a mistake, no one will believe it if the fake news media writes it up!”

Cernovich also considers the lies against him a “brand-building opportunity.” “Look,” he told this reporter, “Every fake news lie allows my own real news company to expand.”

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