This Tweet Shows Why Trump Supporters Mistrust the Media

An appalling Tweet by an MSNBC reporter is being covered up

“Dont care re Polanski, but i hope if my daughter is ever raped it is by an older truly talented man w/ a great sense of mise en scene,” is what MSNBC contributor Sam Seder posted on Twitter.

What would the media’s reaction be if I or someone from Breitbart or Daily Caller Tweeted that out? Does anyone want to claim it wouldn’t be a massive story?

Yet the mainstream media is covering up this Tweet.

I emailed Brian Stelter at CNN. He refuses to cover the story.

NBC has refused to comment.

Chris L Hayes of MSNBC, who hosts Seder, won’t comment.

Tom Kludt of CNN defended the Tweet with a “kill the messenger” style of defense.

The Media’s non-response to this appalling Tweet is why we don’t trust them.

We all know how the media would have reacted if a conservative media person had Tweeted out child rape comments. There’s zero question it would be a huge story.

We all witness, in real time, the media covering up for one of their own.

Just like they covered up for Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and Matt Lauer.

Brian Stelter even wrote in his book, “Women fantasized about sleeping with [Matt Lauer.]”

The media is rape culture.

Don’t trust them, they lie, and they apply different standards to different people. They do not deserve your respect or trust.

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

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