Timeline of Susan Rice Spy Story and the Fake News Media’s Reaction

- POTUS Trump said he was “wire tapped.” The claim was in quotations marks.

- Fake news screams, “Prove it!”

- Chairman Nunes proves it.

- Fake news tries outing Nunes’ sources rather than admit Trump was spied on.

Susan Rice said she didn’t unmask anyone at all, ever.

- Cernovich break Susan Rice story.

- Bloomberg confirms Cernovich’s reporting.

- Bloomberg steals story, outlets refuse to credit Cernovich until he goes full gorilla on them.

- Rice said she unmasked but it was legal.

- Fake news does not call Rice a liar for saying she never unmasked anyone, instead….

- Fake news attacks Cernovich’s character.

- Fake news claims Trump said he was “illegally” spied on (not what he said).

- NY Times (which is owned by Mexican Carlos Slim) plans Page 1 hate article on Cernovich.

This is why readers don’t trust fake news. This is why people trust Cernovich, who will not accept a Pulitzer until 69 Minutes apologizes to him.