Trump, the Resistance

My public presence has offered me many opportunities for private fellowship with Trump supporters — many of whom everyone reading this would know by name and face. The resistance is far greater than most anyone realizes, and we are working on some big projects.

The Great Fork — It’s Time for Trump Supporters to Take Our Money and Leave the Establishment that Hates Us.

Advertisers are demanding that Google Adsense remove targeted advertisements from pro-Trump news websites.

YouTube has begun de-monetizing any video that is remotely pro-free speech. Many liberals who despise Trump are seeing their incomes halved, as anyone who questions the narrative is censored and silenced.

Patreon allows “artists” who advocate for the murder of whites on their platform, but anyone who makes anti-Semitic jokes is banned. (Either ban everyone who is a bigot or ban no one.)

One conservative woman was banned from GoFundMe for advocating traditionalism. ANTIFA, which actively commits violence, was able to raise funds to buy pepper spray — which they used when attacking women during the Berkeley riots.

There is no BE NICE rule on crowd-funding sites. Users who despise men or an entire race of people are welcome. You can hate, as long as you hate the right gender or race.

Hollywood hates us. Don’t watch the Oscars. Make our own films. I made one on free speech called Silenced.

ESPN hates us. Don’t watch sports, or at least cut down on how much sportsball you consume.

Tech hates us. Work on our own tech companies.

Crowdfunding companies hate us. Build our own tech companies. is a great start.

Wikipedia is a fake news fact site. Infogalatic is an ambitious alternative.

We are creating our own distribution platforms. There is a Great Fork coming.

My vision is that Trump supporters never have to spend a dollar with people who hate them.

There is a coming economic storm. How will large companies survive if a full 63+ million people never patronize them?

Tech has largely escaped government regulation and has gotten more than one free pass on behavior that would have invited the regulatory hammer in any other context.

That will change, too.

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. His books and films are available worldwide and on Amazon.