Trump’s Media Strategy is Failing — Here’s How to Fix It

Trump supporters do not read the NY times. Write this onto the blackboard 100 times, The Simpsons opening style, and you’ll understand what you’re about to learn.

If your supporters aren’t reading stories about you, why is your media team spending all of its time responding to those stories?

Trump and Clinton / Anthony Weiner supporters live in parallel media universes. If you do not understand this, you will lose the media game.

I do not read WaPo or the NY Times or any other liberal propaganda outlet. I don’t visit their home pages and do not subscribe. Unless a story gets really big on Twitter, I don’t see it.

Young Trump supporters get their news from (in this order) Twitter, YouTube, Drudge, and FoxNews (although that’s changing, as FoxNews is not sufficiently America first).

Older Trump supporters get their news from talk radio, FoxNews, Drudge, Twitter, and YouTube.

When WaPo or NY Times drops a “devastating” story on Trump, do you know who reads these stories — liberals!

Thus one can see the problem with Trump’s media team. They are spending all of their time, energy, and focus responding to news that most Trump supporters won’t even see, and if we see it, won’t believe it.

Trump was right (for the wrong reasons) when he jokingly claimed he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave. Most of his supporters would never see the story, and absent a clear video, wouldn’t believe the story if they saw it.

Want to know how out “out of touch” Trump supporters are with what liberal media is saying? I don’t even notice most of the media hit pieces on me, and even with a massive online following, people rarely ask me about anything nasty the media is saying about me. My readers, like me, aren’t reading liberal propaganda outlets.

Trump’s media team is playing defense, running around responding to stories that most of Trump’s base will never read, and if they read, would never believe.

What should Trump’s media strategy be?

End daily White House press briefings. They accomplish nothing and only let the fake news media set the agenda.

Focus on creating content rather than responding to content others create. This is called the “Content Mindset.”

In life there is so much power in simply pushing forward towards you vision. If I responded to all of the nasty stuff about me, I’d never get any work done. My focus is on creating new films, books, videos, articles, and Tweets — Let the haters say what they will.

What is Trump’s vision for America? There should be daily Periscopes and live streams directly with Trump or with someone who has an America first vision.

Run Trump’s Twitter, and Sean Spicer’s Twitter, like the Drudge Report or another popular Twitter account.

Trump can set the news cycle by linking to articles. He should be linking to articles about the Awan Brothers, Anthony Weiner, and other vile and corrupt Democrats.

Trump should be linking to 5 to 10 news articles each day. This will allow his Twitter to not only be a direct voice to the people, but it will also become a news curation site. Someone like Laura Ingraham would be perfect at curating high-impact articles.

Make the fake news media and liberals own their criminals.

Trump had to disavow David Duke 15 times in one day. Why? David Duke isn’t anyone, but that’s the media game.

Today Anthony Weiner pled guilty to being a pedophile! Trump’s media team should demand that Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and everyone else disavow Weiner.

Time to start playing to win!

— — —

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.