Why is @TeamYouTube Censoring My Videos and Cutting my Subscribers?

YouTube unsubscribes people during my streams, and manipulates my video results.

In April 2017 I began developing my YouTube channel in earnest. My subscriber count quickly doubled, and on some days I gained close to 2,000 subscribers.

I quickly jumped from 25,000 subscribers in April to over 50,000 in June.

Then YouTube began manipulating my channel, and started unsubscribing people. As you can see on this chart, I went from gaining 1,780 subscribers on one day to losing 45 the next, and it’s been all downhill since.

My live streams went from having around 1,800 simultaneous viewers to have 10 or 20. That’s not a typo, and this drop happened overnight.

I stopped streaming on YouTube as it wasn’t worth my time.

Now I have new tech, which allows me to easily stream to all channels simultaneously. I’m back on YouTube.

Today I only had 55 people watching my live stream. I didn’t forget to add a zero, that’s fifty-five. 55 people out of over 65,000 subscribers were watching live? How does this make sense?

Every video platform I’m on is seeing an increase in subscribers. No, it’s not me. It’s YouTube. They are f-cking with my account.

YouTube unsubscribes people very time I do a live stream. Yesterday during my live stream, YouTube unsubbed 86 people.

Why is YouTube censoring my channel?

Again, this isn’t my ego getting the best of me. Data from every other platform is up. People enjoy watching me on video and listening to me, including haters, who spend more time watching me than even my steadfast supporters.

YouTube is manipulating my channel, and this is a problem, considering what vile content they promote.

While YouTube was censoring my channel, they allowed pedophile and child abuse content on their website, and only took action after advertiser outcry.

Why did YouTube censor me while profiting from pedophiles?

Consider how much time and effort they spent censoring my channel while promoting predatory content. This was an editorial decision they made, and yes, members of Congress are asking questions about these decisions.

If YouTube doesn’t fix my channel immediately, we will be holding a march and a free speech rally in front of YouTube Headquarters.

It is clear that YouTube does not respect the will of the people, and they must meet the people in real life, to understand we will not be ignored.

Maybe there was some glitch, which YouTube is now aware of?

Or maybe YouTube has chosen to censor me while profiting from pedophiles.

We’ll see what happens.

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Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

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