Behind the Burger: The Fascinating History of In-N-Out

“Keep it real simple. Do one thing, and do it the best you can.”

Walk into any of the 300 (and counting) In-N-Out Burger locations dotted throughout the Southwestern United States and you’ll be well on your way to what some describe as a cathartic religious experience.

Whether you enjoy a simple cheeseburger or prefer to revel in the 4×4, served “Animal Style,” there’s no denying that In-N-Out makes a ridiculously good hamburger — and serves it up with an authentic and good old-fashioned American experience.

But how is it that a company that ignores nearly every rule in the book has come out so far ahead in the quick service industry? In a business landscape where fast food chains have to continuously come up with new food innovations and knock-em-dead advertising campaigns, how did a company that took 60 years to put lemon-lime soda on the menu rise to become the preeminent fast food experience?

In-N-Out consistently churns out legendary burgers, ice-cold milkshakes, and crispy hot french fries better than anybody else, and it all comes down to one simple motto that’s been at the heart of the company since day one; a motto that can be applied to just about anything.

You hungry?

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