Taking Google to Task

Google is always at the cutting edge of design, and as such they recently updated their version of Gmail. While doing so, they also quietly introduced a new application that ties into its suite of tools. It’s called Google Tasks, and as you might imagine, it helps you keep a to-do list of all of the things you have going on. Since this is a Google product, you can be assured that it ties into the Google Calendar and Gmail applications as well.

So is this another step in Google’s eventual plan to perfectly manage our lives? Most likely. But if that’s the case we owe it to ourselves to ask how much we want to give up for the sake of convenience.

A work/life balance is important in a lot of ways, but maybe in no greater realm than technology. The idea of a Task app seems to imply that it’s more for enterprise use more so than mundane activities like “getting the groceries,” but tying this to a Google Home which, by the virtue of its name belongs in your house, will eventually be how this is used.

The tasks aren’t a new feature, they just got larger in this new version, but now it’s built right into Gmail’s sidebar. This lets you create tasks right from your inbox, which is a fine idea. There’s always something that needs to be done when you get an email.

7.6 Million Google Home Products Sold in Q4 2017. Do you think that more people will end up using tasks to “Review market research” or “get the cat litter” in the next 2 years?

Most enterprise organizations already have a third party project management suite, so why turn to Google? None of what Google Tasks offers on its own is very special, it’s more about the potential for what it can do with your Gmail sync and Calendar.

Is using the same system to track both types of tasks we perform healthy to our productivity?

But Google is committed to this, as this app is now part of G Suite. This leaves any room for doubt that this app is just another experiment…checked off.