Diamond in the other diamonds

You know how hard it is to trawl through all the search result pages on eBay or Amazon when you’re looking for something perfect. Every second listing has absolutely no connection with your search and, while looking for those blue contact lenses, you find page one of results includes that ‘INSMA Body Thermometer Non-contact medical Ear and Forehead Dual Mode Infrared Body Thermometer No Touch Require Instant Measurement With Colour Coded Fever Detection ISO CFDA TUV Certification’ you never knew you needed?

Now imagine, you don’t know what you’re looking for. All the items you’re browsing are incredible, but you haven’t quite had that feeling in your gut, the one that says ‘THAT ONE, THAT ONE, I NEED THAT ONE’. How do you refine, if you don’t know what you want?

I experience this conundrum every time I visit Artfinder. I have browsed the site practically everyday for the lat 2 years and I have a wish-list longer than my arm. However, there is one artist, and it took me a fair long while to find him, who just really stands out to me, and every time I log on, I immediately check that no one else has bought my favourite piece yet.

So I’m sharing this as recognition, an homage, if you will, to the artist that I think everyone needs to see. He doesn’t fit in a category, his pieces aren’t ‘Classic abstract’ or ‘Photo-realistic’, his subject is fantastical and each piece is truly something to discover. I suppose Bosch and ‘Surrealism’ would be the closest correlation, but I prefer that this exceptionally talented man stand alone.

His name is Carlo Salomoni, and he has only been part of the Artfinder artist community since June 2015. I knew right away that his pieces would stay in my mind.

The Coffer of the Mind

They take me right back to my childhood, before the harsh realities of daily life had ground away my imagination. I look at his art and I make up stories to tell my own children, as I want to encourage creativity in an age where every solution is handed to us on a platter.

His artworks have inspired multiple stories and some have even gone on to inspire sequels.

The Angel of the Tiny Moons & Dreaming

He experiments with different mediums, without ever losing his own inimitable style.

Landscape of Memories + Along the Way of the Lanterns + Wing of Desire, The Good Advisers + Santa Claus…It’s Always Magic + Between Day and Night

These striking examples of art bring out my inner child, and I love that I’ve found something that does that to me. The bright colours and interesting characters give me a warm, fuzzy, comforting feeling. I was the child that always preferred to hide away with a book, rather than socialise with other humanoids my own age. I liked being the observer into these intricate stories and, looking at this work, I feel like that again. The nostalgia is truly touching!

I just wanted to share Mr. Salomoni and his work because I feel that he deserves more recognition than he gets, and I hope his painting provokes an emotional response in others too!

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